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Here are some of the plants, herbs and vegetables for the summer - also ask about our Cascades Hops!

Daylilies   Hostas


We have two daylily colors - burgandy & yellow, and solid yellow.  The hostas have a varigated leaf and produces a stalk of purple flowers.



We have red and yellow slicing tomatoes, fabulous red and yellow cherry tomatoes, tomatillo and two heirloom varieties.

Rosemary  Cilantro  Parsley  and more


We grow basil, sage, rosemary, cilantro, chives, oregano, thyme, dill, lemon balm, mint and parsley. Most we sell fresh; we have dried sage and rosemary in 4oz jars.

Melons   Cucumbers   Gourds


The melons planted this year are watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin.  We are growing two kinds of slicing cucumbers and trying gherkins as well.  Bottle gourds are in the plan, too.

Radish  Carrots   Beets


You can see from the leaves that we are not dusting or applying any pesticide - we prefer a pesticide-free veggie.  The leaves may look "holey" but the radish tastes great!

Beans   Peas   Sugar Snaps


We are growing 4 types of beans this year - green, bush, white and soy.  Soy beans will be picked and sold fresh - you can blanch, salt and freeze them at home for edamame.

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